< back TATA HISPANO and ALEXANDER DENNIS deliver two hybrid buses in Gran Canaria

The two units are aimed to the public regular service of passengers in the
island, under the management of Global Salcai Utinsa and Guaguas

The Single Authority for Transport in Gran Canaria (AUTGC) has purchased
two 12-metre long hybrid buses for the regular service of passengers in the
island. The buses have an urban chassis of the brand ALEXANDER DENNIS
LTD, model Enviro 350h and urban bodywork of the brand TATA HISPANO,
model habit and they are the first hybrid units with ADL-BAE Systems
technology and bodied by TATA HISPANO registered in Spain.

Both vehicles placed at the disposal of the companies GLOBAL SALCAI
UTINSA and GUAGUAS MUNICIPALES have been funded through the
program HIBRIMAC, as part of their project “Renewal of the Fleet – Fight
against Climate Change”. The project was initiated by the Society for the
Economic Promotion of Gran Canaria and it was later taken over by the
AUGTC. The aim of this project is to improve the road transport system, by
offering at the same time the advantages of hybrid technology and thereby
reducing the emission of greenhouse effect gases and cutting the energy costs.
The importance of the commitment for the innovation in energy efficiency and
environmental protection made by the AUTGC must be therefore outlined.

Comparison of the Reductions in Emissions:

Up to 58% less Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) as compared with a Euro III vehicle.
Up to 42% less particles (PM) as compared with a Euro 4.
Up to 39% less Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as compared with a Euro 4.
Between 26% and 38% of savings in fuel as compared with a Euro 4.

Models equipment:

The vehicle purchased by Global Salcai-Utinsa has been bodied with 2 access
doors and has a capacity for 35 seated passengers, 1 wheelchair and 63
people standing, apart from the driver.

Besides, it includes Carrier AC 650 air conditioning, an access ramp with a
SAM 1001 wheelchair and 3 electronic signs on the front, side and rear. The
inside is equipped with protection screens behind the front and central door, 8
loudspeakers in the passengers’ area and 2 in the driver’s area, as well as a
sign for the stop request, among others. This vehicle is totally adapted for
people with reduced mobility, such as visually impaired people, as it includes
stop request pushbuttons in Braille. In the driver’s area there is a pre-installation
to assembly a fare box, a ticket vending machine and AVLS.

The vehicle purchased by Guaguas Municipales has similar equipment and the
same passenger capacity, the only difference being that it has 3 access doors
instead of 2.

These two units are the common commitment by Tata Hispano and Alexander
Dennis for the national market, in order to reach a sustainable transport system,
with low emissions and contributing to create cleaner cities by promoting
environmentally-friendly attitudes. These two units already delivered will be
complemented by 12 other units that were allocated by TMB to both companies
and that will be delivered in 2012.

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