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Tata Hispano surprises once again with the launch of a new coach model, increasing its already extensive product range. The new make, which will soon see the light, is called Scala. The company’s product strategy takes another step forward, in order to meet the real needs of the country’s transport operators, creating, innovating and improving the offer of models for each passenger transport service, and becoming one of the cutting-edge manufacturers in Spain in this regard.

The objective, with this new launch, is to cover the specific segment of regular lines, regional lines, combined consortium-discretional lines and consortium lines with high quality finish and feature requirements.
This new model complements the current Xerus and Naya, providing a market, where using the right tool for each job is becoming more and more critical, with new solutions.

The new Scala model will start a series of presentations all over Spain. The first days are given below:

- 24 November, Zaragoza, at the facilities of Tata Hispano.
- 25 November, Valencia, at Finca Jardin de Azahares, Catarroja.
- 30 November, Madrid, Portonovo Restaurant

Presentations in Madrid, Galicia, Bilbao, Barcelona and the south of Spain will also take place over the coming weeks.

The 3.45 m. high body, which has been designed with the following premises, can be summed up in 5 main attributes:

1) Versatility for both discretional and regular services.
2) Functionality in its design: a well-achieved equilibrium between image and practicality, between passenger comfort and capacity.
3) Easy maintenance and repair: Simple access to all the maintenance elements.
4) Spacious luggage compartment
5) Reduced consumption: A height of just 3.45 metres, a super-light patented structure and our excellent aerodynamics.

In short, the Scala model is another commitment by TATA HISPANO to offer a functional design and good value for money, always adapting to the market requirements.

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