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The new Urban: AREA

The AREA, which is the name of the new make of the urban bus model that TATA HISPANO will soon be launching, is the result of a process of consultations and meetings with the main EMTs (municipal transport companies) in Spain.  This approach is proof of the company’s decisive and firm commitment to a customer-orientated management system, adapting all the necessary requirements and providing advanced solutions for urban transport operators.

The model has been created based on innovation and technology concepts, with a cutting-edge and elegant exterior design and with a clear and distinctive identity on its exterior lines, offering urban transport companies the option to offer a new image for cities.

On the other hand, it is in its interior design where one can appreciate the innovations and improvements of the model.  Some of them are focused on the new ergonomics of the driver area, including new materials, and of the passenger area, improving habitability and placing emphasis on the idea of creating a comfortable atmosphere for users.

On a technical level, we can highlight important advances in the thermo-acoustic insulation of the engine area, due to the innovation in the materials and processes used, among other improvements.

The commitment to the vehicle’s functionality has focused on a considerable increase of the driver’s visibility, with a more panoramic and aerodynamic front window, reinforcing the safety elements.  Accessibility to the mechanical components has also been improved, helping reduce the maintenance costs of the transport operators.

Two Hybrid urban models:

In addition, TATA HISPANO will present two hybrid urban bus models on a Habit body, one on an Alexander Dennis – BAE Systems chassis, developed by both companies, and the other on a Tata Motors and Siemens chassis.  This project is developed by both multinationals, too.

Both models will also be shown for the first time at the fair, offering the market efficient options in energy-related matters and providing advanced environmental management solutions for the transport operators.

A new de-luxe coach: NAYA

TATA HISPANO will also present the new de-luxe coach, NAYA, which will be positioned within the Premium segment for long-distance transport services.

This model does not replace the Xerus; it is a completely new creation designed to cover the Premium market niche in the Coach segment and to take another step forward with respect to what is currently offered with the Xerus model.

This commitment arises from the need to offer a product to those operators who wish to include a top quality product in their fleets, with a meticulous and elegant design and above all, a high finish level and carefully chosen materials.

In short, the company will make an unprecedented deployment during the fair, showing its definite commitment to cover the majority of the passenger transport segments with a clear value proposal: offering the best quality for money on the market as well as a functional design that nobody can remain indifferent to.

These new launches are framed within the company’s product strategy, focused on the complete renovation of its product range as well as on the proposal of new body models for urban transport operators.

Visit the TATA HISPANO stand at the FIAA and you will see the new proposals that the company will shortly be offering.

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